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I Love Coffee

coffeeI love coffee. It is the highlight of my day. I like to ensure my every day has many highlights. In the morning I start with the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters breakfast blend, usually more than one. Sometime after lunch I have something from Death Wish Coffee – today it was Valhalla Java. After dinner there is a big decision. Do I go to Starbucks for a quad flat white latte or do I brew my own at home? I grind my own, usually single origin from La Colombe. Some nights I opt for espresso, but other nights I prefer using my Chemex pour-over. I once attempted to grow my own coffee; the venture was ill-fated. Someday I hope to at least roast my own. I’ve read a lot about the health benefits of coffee, but to be honest, if they reported it was pure, concentrated evil, I would drink it anyway. Maybe even more.

Hundreds of coffee cans mysteriously wash up on Florida beach

Hundreds of sealed coffee cans and vacuum-packed coffee bricks have washed ashore along Florida’s Space Coast ancoffeecansd officials believe they may be from containers that fell off a barge last weekend.

Source: Hundreds of coffee cans mysteriously wash up on Florida beach

This is like a dream come true. Unless it was bad coffee. This also reminds me I should migrate an old post about coffee.

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