The X-Files has returned after almost 14 years. It was worth the wait. Even though it was a disjointed premier episode, suffocated with loose ends and layered with seemingly unrelated plotlines, I loved every minute of it. The nostalgia of the opening sequence. The first scene with Mulder andX-Files-I-Want-To-Believe-Poster1 Scully. The “I want to believe” poster. The entrance of Skinner. And even the entrance of Smoking Man. I loved it all. The joyful moments were even enough for me to overcome my disdain for Joel McHale. I do think the character and the actor are too campy, and perhaps too cliché for the X-files, but I have faith those choices serve a purpose.

As much as I enjoyed the first episode, the second episode actually made it seem dull. It fed the plot, but was styled as a classic one-off. It succeeded on every level. Seeing Mulder and Scully sitting across the desk from Skinner again was a treat. And the story was immensely intriguing. Overall, the intensity went up a notch or two.

As much as I anticipate the next episode, I am also dreading that it will all end in just a few short weeks. I hope they’ll decide to give us more. I also hope they won’t make us wait another 14 years.