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Book review: Junior Inquisitor by Lincoln Farish

Bottom line: Read this one immediately and brace yourself for the next one, “Soulless Monk.”

Junior Inquisitor is fierce and taut, yet quirky and fun. Lincoln Farish has a penchant for writing action sequences and developing unique characters. The main character, Brother Sebastian, is a complex character indeed. He is a badass. He is a caring friend. He is emotional. At times he is in way over his head. At other times he is an invincible warrior. Ultimately, he is a vulnerable vigilante exploring the full spectrum of good and evil.


The story itself is immensely intriguing. Part suspense, part horror, part fantasy, Farish creates a mythology that is otherworldly yet firmly grounded to reality. The juxtaposition of paranormal entities (witches, ogres, and much worse) with modern warfare tactics was exhilarating. Farish’s depiction of combat is detailed and very very real.

There were many lines and moments that I loved, but this line served almost as a thesis statement: “We went to meet the battle.” It reminded me of a quote about from Thucydides: “But, the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” Brother Sebastian certainly lives up to that sentiment throughout. I wish I could share a Guinness with him and talk baseball; I’d also want him by my side if I ever encountered a Screwface.

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  1. Great review. And I totally agree. A good read!

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