Am I the only one who was worried about Guns N’ Roses?

I saw Gun N’ Roses in concert this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect when they walked onto the stage. To be honest, I was a little worried. I expected Slash to kick ass, but I worried Axl’s voice had waned. I was worried the arrangement of the band would be sloppy and unpracticed. I was worried that the show would rely heavily on unnecessary theatrics.guns-n-roses

I was pleasantly surprised that none of these fears came true. Axl kicked ass. The band kicked ass. The show was carefully orchestrated to near perfection. Even the set list was astonishing. And yes, Slash kicked some serious ass.

I think it was quite fitting that they opened with “It’s so easy.” They certainly made it look easy. As the evening progressed, they seemed to keep getting better. I honestly believe Axl’s voice was strongest as they closed the encore with “Paradise City.”

I have seen over 175 live shows (not counting local bands). I have seen shows in at least 11 different states. I have seen small club shows, amphitheater shows, stadium shows, and quite a few festivals. I have seen shows by arguably some of the greatest bands ever: Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Van Halen (with each of the three singers), Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Metallica, U2. Even Third Eye Blind, Hurt, Sick Puppies, Matt Nathanson, and Staind have impressed me in smaller venues. The list goes on. I consider these as some of the best shows ever.

Guns N’ Roses somehow managed to surpass them all. Seriously. They were that good.

Random musings from this week:

  • I am too old to function properly on only three hours sleep.
  • I like the scratch of my new fountain pen. It’s like I am carving the words into the page.
  • I am seriously behind on my reading and writing goals for the summer.
  • Golf still sucks.