The Walking Dumb 11-29-15

Here’s my review of the mid-season finale in 189 words or less. There may be a spoiler, but it’s not likely to matter.

The Good: Best line ever spoken from a mother to her young son: “Pretend you are somebody that’s not scared.”

The Bad: Where did the ants come from? I understand the metaphor. The zombie herd is about to devour Alexandria. I get it. But a trail of ants making it to the second floor bedroom to devour a half-eaten cookie is beyond heavy-handed.

The Ugly #1: I am tired of Morgan. I really wanted to see the wolf hostage eliminated. However, I am really disappointed with Carol’s timing. All that said, I refuse to believe that Carol could be suddenly struck incompetent and fail so miserably. The result is just another instance where the writers chose plot over character.

The Ugly #2: Sam, listen to your mother and stop calling for her as you weave through the zombie herd. She is holding your hand. Perhaps she should have been more direct and told you to pretend you were someone who shouldn’t be fed to the zombies.

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