Vegas Marathon

Spent four days in Vegas over the holiday weekend. Traversed 33.3 miles of casinos and bars and flashing lights. The average temperature was 101 degrees. I didn’t read nearly as much as I planned, so my reviews of “New Hope” by Steve Hobbs and “The Bull” by Erica Crockett will be delayed. Although, I can assure you both books are quite good.IMG_20160703_171230716_HDR

Random musings about Sin City:

  • I’ve decided that IPA actually stands for India Potent Alcohol and not India Pale Ale (as they claim).
  • I watched a girl at the pool take selfies for over an hour straight. It was sad.
  • I met a guy named Crash from Tennessee. He will definitely become a character in a story.
  • A waitress at the Hard Rock Casino saw me drinking water instead of my beer. She said, “You’re doing it wrong.”
  • Best quote of the weekend came from a bartender at Sin City Brewing Company. During a discussion about a young couple expecting their first child and planning a wedding while living at his parent’s house she stated, “Life is going to bitch-slap them.”
  • Everyone is nice. The bartenders, the waiters, the cab drivers, the dealers. Almost all of them are genuinely friendly and happy people.
  • I can’t wait to go back.
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