Random Musings for a Friday

  • I think billiards should be an Olympic sport.
  • The weather forecast for today was 0% chance of rain. I had just finished washing ravenmy car when the torrential downpour occurred. Apparently it was a miracle.
  • I seriously want a pet raven. Of course I would have to name her Lenore.
  • If the EEOC declares that the Gadsden flag represents racial harassment, will Metallica have to change the cover of the “black album?”
  • Zakk Wylde is still ignoring my messages requesting a left-handed version of his new guitars.
  • I would be less disappointed about Melancon being traded if the Pirates didn’t immediately spiral into a tragic slump.
  • Still behind on my reading. My review of New Hope by Steve Hobbs should be up within a week.

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